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Delhi NCR & Its Impact on Alwar Economy And Environment

Delhi NCR & Its Impact on Alwar Economy And Environment


The capital of India with its rich history and culture, whether you are going there for a visit or moving in to live there, you will be amazed at the excellent infrastructure and people of Delhi NCR. Many people do not know this, but NCR stands for the National Capital Region.

NCR is the best place to live in because you don't necessarily have to live in the city itself. You can get apartments at the most reasonable costs near Delhi NCR that offer almost the same benefits as living in the city. When searching for apartments to live in, you can get tremendous amounts of deals for apartments to live in.

Many people do not know it, but New Delhi was made the capital city during the British reign in India. The strategic location made it significant throughout history from Delhi sultanates to the Mughal Empire.


Delhi NCR is famous because of its infrastructure and institutions. This city has got something for everyone. The connection with metros, autos, and buses are amongst the top reasons why Delhi is the best city for the majority of people.


In Delhi NCR, there is an increase in jobs in the city. Various companies are settling in the town. This action attracts different youths in the town to pursue their career.

The government has provided funds for the Jewar Airport in the city. These types of projects are bound to enhance the development activities in the city. Along with these funds, the government also plans to improve the city's infrastructure.

Pros and Cons Of Having Alwar In Delhi NCR

Even if it is the country's capital city, this city has its share of pros and cons.


  • Growing City With Lots Of Opportunities

India's population is growing exponentially, making it one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. The commercial presence is also increasing drastically. The country consists of 5.8% of GDP growth, and it is second only to China. Due to Delhi being the capital city, this city has various opportunities for ex-pats and locals.


India is the only country on the globe with the youngest people. There are more than 620 million people under the age of 25. Delhi NCR is full of promises and excitement, no wonder why people love it so much.

  • Infrastructure

Delhi NCR has direct flights to most of the cities. The metro of the city is efficient, clean, and modern. It is connected with the significant suburbs like Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida. The town comprises countless shopping malls, museums, and other amenities. Delhi is known for its hospitality and services. Some of the best educational establishments are in Delhi NCR, such as Delhi University, IIT, NIFT, and the famous Jawaharlal Nehru University. It is a traditional city with modern infrastructure.


  • Pollution

Delhi Pollution

Due to the excessive number of cars and bikes in the city, there is excessive pollution. According to WHO, Delhi NCR is the sixth most polluted city in the world. In 2019, the drop in wind speed and temperature led to smog, which looked like a dense fog.

During the winter season, poor people had to burn wood to get warmth, leading to more severe conditions. It led to a pollution level of more than 500. The acceptable level in the US is just 35.

  • Severe Traffic

Traffic in the city, specifically during the rush hour, is highly severe. With these traffics, getting around the road can be a slow and frustrating process. Moreover, the road rage in Delhi NCR is highly aggressive. For this reason, most of the new people in town prefer not to take the wheel and drive around the city.

  • Bad Hygiene

Delhi NCR is known for its delicious street foods, but the city's only problem is bad hygiene. Many of the street food stalls prepare their meals in a manner that is not hygienic and can cause diseases or illnesses if consumed too much of those foods.

2041 Plan

The government has made a regional plan-2041 which is making its way for a future-ready, slum-free NCR. This plan will provide air ambulance and high-speed city connectivity via taxis, rail, road, and inland waterways.

This plan mainly focuses on 30-minute connectivity with the help of fast trains within significant cities in the NCR. A report states that the draft plan will be made public for objections and suggestions. After this process, the project will be notified by the NCR planning board.

Currently, the NCR is stretched to about 175 km, which covers entire rural areas and districts. However, under the 2041 plan, those areas behind the 100 Km radius will not be part of the NCR.

Cities such as Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and other areas in Meerut will be part of the NCR as they will be in the 100 Km radius condition. Many developed regions are covered in a 50-60 km radius. Now, the city will focus on the remaining part of the radius.

Goals Of The 2041 Plan

  • Linear Corridor Development

Linear corridors will develop beyond 100km and up to the current NCR boundary. Moreover, the state governments will likely decide on the exclusion and inclusion of the tehsil, lying partly within 100k delineation. This development of the liner corridor is likely to take NCR to the next level.

  • Developed Metro and RRTS Centres

You can see the NCRPB's plan on the official website. You will see seven metro centers in Faridabad-Ballabgarh, Gurgaon-Manesar, Noida, Ghaziabad-Loni Sonepat-Kundli, Greater Noida, and Meerut. The purpose of these seven RRTS corridors will be to provide fast transportation between the cities. The goal of the 2041 plan is to cover the distance within 30 minutes. 

  • Regional Centers Development

Besides the seven metro centers, the website has also identified 11 regional centers: Panipat, Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, Palwal, Rewari-Dharuhera-Bawal Hapur-Pilkhuwa, Baghpart-Barut, Greater Bhiwadi, Bulandshahr-Khurja, Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror.

  • Slum-free City

The 2041 plan will make way for the future-ready, slum-free city with medical services and high-speed connectivity between the cities via road, rail, and inland waterways. By the time we reach 2041, we will see the best capital city in the country.

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