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Delhi – Alwar RRTS – Information, Route Maps, News & Updates

Delhi – Alwar RRTS – Information, Route Maps, News & Updates

Transportation is playing a fundamental role in the growth of a country. Sights of several transportation systems have several depths such as rail; road, waterways, air & metro are there in this segment. The railway plays a key & significant role in the 2nd comprehensive transportation system. The railway of India is the 4th most extensive & second most involved system in the world. At the earliest of 1990, the transportation systems needed to grow. With the increase of automobile industries, we can recognize a wide range of changes is occurring in the transport field.  

National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), the joint investment company of the Government of India and the States of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, is ready to ensure high connectivity. This project is a Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) project across the National Capital Region. RRTS will help you to connect small & fast-developing countries through their system. The purpose of RRTS is to decrease the dependency of commuters on road-based transportation. The connection between Delhi & Alwar will be 104 minutes after some completion of the Delhi–Alwar Regional Rapid Transit System project. 

Delhi–Alwar Regional Rapid Transit System Structure, Tenders, News, Fares & Routes:

Delhi Alwar Regional Rapid Transit System has declared 164 km. The long semi-high steam rail corridor is combining Delhi, Gurugram, Rewari, & Alwar. These projects are divided into 3 phases. The total number of stations will be 22 there. 

First Phase:

From Delhi to Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror, in total, 106 km will be constructed. The Rajasthan government allowed the detailed project report (DPR) of the Delhi-Gurugram-SNB (Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror Urban Complex) rapid rail corridor under the first phase. The travel time of Delhi to SNB will be reduced to 70 minutes. The total number of stations will be 16 there.  

Total Range - 71 Km

Total Stations - 11 Stations (Elevated, in unlimited 71 Km) & 5 Stations (Underground, in total 35 Km)

Areas - Mostly Delhi & Gurgaon

Stations Covered - Sarai Kale Khan, Jor Bagh, Munirka, Aerocity, Udyog Nagar, Sector 17, Rajiv Chowk, Kherki Daula, Manesar, Panchgaon, Bilaspur Chowk, Dharuhera, MBIR, Rewari, Bawal, SNB

Second Phase:       

The corridor will extend from SNB to Sotanala covering a length of 35 km. 

Total Range - 35 Km

Total Stations - 4 (Elevated)

Areas - Gurgaon

Stations Covered - Shahjahanpur, Neemrana, Behror, Sotanala

Third Phase:

In the 3rd phase, SNB Urban Complex to Alwar will be constructed at 58 km.

Total Range - 58 Km

Total Stations - 2 (Elevated)

Areas - Rajasthan

Stations Covered - Khairthal, Alwar

Major Contractors:

UMTS - Consultant for attending feasibility study

Price Waterhouse Coopers - Financial on an advance basis for planning & implementing. 

CRRI - Noise & Wave Consultant

CEG Test House - Complete Geotechnical investigation, the underground section from the IDPL complex to Dharuhera.

GR Infra Projects - Construction Contracted

The entry of the Rapid Rail corridor vastly affects the real estate field. By this implementation, RRTS helps increase the real estate valuation that will extend adjacent to the RRTS corridor. This corridor will help to decrease the traffic difficulties by this transportation policy. For many purposes, the real estate of the Alwar can encounter many positive changes & a hike in the price of 20-30% and even 200% in some areas. The following reasons are playing some significant role in the rate hike. 

●   Greater Population Growth:

In our cyclic life, we always want a close entrance to the transport system. Area determination is a generally discussed subject in an urban area. The neighborhood transport system always creates a positive impact on the public for intelligent existence. That is the principal reason, and people will rapidly move on to the closure of newly made infrastructure, where a new Delhi-Alwar metro corridor will be located in Alwar. So, we can expect a vast increase in the prices of residential plots. 

●   New Business Platforms:

With the increasing population graph, many small & big businesses can be the section of the land price hikes. There will be many shops, hospitals, hotels, guest houses, & essential services outside the metro stations when the metro is running. For this reason, actual purchasers will buy some new lands in that area, & it helps to enhance the price of land. So the commercial plot's demand will always be at the top. 

●   Light & Affordable Transport:

In this fast-forward world, we all have only one thing at a very minimum, time. We always want to preserve our time. That's why, when we have to move somewhere for vacations or personal work we will always pick the closest point to the station or bus stand. That is why At Alwar, people are always looking for a place near the metro terminal. Urban areas are fulfilling in a fast way & the cost of the lands is increasing rapidly. 

●   Government's Step:

After everything, The Government is one step away from funding numerous projects regarding the RRTS Corridor. The state government is always looking for an opportunity to invest in the rural area for benefits. After the investments of Govt, The potential buyers will be more concerned about Alwar & they will look for more purchases of Commercial, Residential, Farming, and many other types of land neighborhoods. The competition among buyers will be top-notch & this competition will be beneficial for Alwar real estate. 

The sets of economic impacts, when a new public transport foundation has to be built. The new metro corridor project will boost the economic growth of Alwar's community.

●   Economic Benefits From Real Estate Field In Alwar:

After completion of the Delhi–Alwar Regional Rapid Transit System, Alwar will be getting a new face. The Alwar will meet a tremendous & beneficial expansion in the real estate domain. The various types of plots will be bought or sold by the people. For every shopping or selling, I have to spend the registration fees & many other charges to the Government. The Government generally also supplies many various places on a lease. The businessmen will catch those places in high demand from the Government. It will be booming for the market in a faster way.

●   Toll Fees Of Road:

The RRTS corridor will be the foremost goal for connecting other big states. Many people will use the bus, separate taxies, auto, and other freight systems to reach their destinations. Those vehicles have to handle duty fees for the Government. This toll fee is taking a massive part in economic growth. 

●   Proper Investments To Alwar:

The State Government spends on many various projects besides the metro corridor. These projects will give stable value to the Government & the economic side of Alwar will be automatically strong & it helps many small business owners & other minor workers to experience their life harmoniously. The successful investment always provoked the State Government as well as the Central Government to invest in the plots. There will be more chances to booming economy day by day. 

Genuine Source of Properties From Your Place:

"In this position, the people of Alwar will be looking for a near-space from the Delhi–Alwar Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor for surviving or using for commercial purposes. You will not forever be fortunate enough to drive past a plot of earth that is the ideal purchase opportunity for you. If you are finding your desired home, you have to concentrate on proper documentation. Try online research when you want to purchase assets but don't have any appropriate plot in mind yet. In the era of digital flow, you can use online arrangements to find the best place for a low cost. Propira is one of the best and trustable real estate agencies you can trust on. Propira helps users to find the best property as per user choice whether it’s commercial land, residential property, farming land, rental property, or renting a property. Propira has the best solution for all your real estate queries. Propira provides users with the solution at a better cost than the market.



These are some solid & specific reasons for economic booming & price hiking on real estate after completing the project of the RRTS Corridor. We all know that India is still dealing as a developing country, not a developed country. Alwar will be a beautiful place for transportation & current growth. This project will help increase the daily value of life for middle & lower (In terms of economic) class families. There will be many open job opportunities regarding these projects. The State Government will give more focus on Alwar for more profit & expansion of life. After decades Alwar will be named as some developing place of Rajasthan. This 164km long project helps to grow many rural areas & many small cities. 



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