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Vastu Staircase Tips to Create A Positive Feel In Your House

Vastu Staircase Tips to Create A Positive Feel In Your House

Vastu is an Indian traditional belief in the architecture of a place. This belief revolves around the significant determinant: the things should be in the suitable space, color, and shape. They will generate positivity in your house. And with this positivity, you may be able to spend the happiest time of your life. 

If you genuinely believe in Vastu, then you might follow some architecture tips while constructing your home. And you will be happiest ever to enjoy the positive vibes into it.

If you wish to construct a Vastu-oriented home, then you might include the essence of Vastu in everything in your home. Be it the staircase or any other place; you might consist of some Vastu tips while building them to generate positivity.

Here in this article, we are going to suggest to you some fantastic Staircase Vastu Tips.

Appropriate Shape Of Staircase

As per the Vastu, there should be a square or rectangular shape of the staircase. It will generate a fair amount of positivity in the home. The stairs should not be in the form of a spiral or related to the circle.

Exact Orientation Of Staircase

According to the Vastu, the orientation of the stairs will severely impact our physical health.

Preferably the orientation of the stairs should be clockwise; that is, the stairs of the staircase should move from north to south or east to west direction. It will generate extreme positivity on the whole. If the orientation of the stairs is anticlockwise, that is, if it is south to the north or east to the west, it will affect the career growth and the health of the people living in the house. 


Color Of Staircase As Per Vastu

While selecting the color of either the stairs or the whole staircase as per the Vastu, you must not go with the dark one. Because as per the Vastu, the dark color on the stairs will generate negativity in the house. So choosing black or any other darker shade for your home will be a wrong choice, according to the Vastu. As per the Vastu, you can choose the lighter shade for the stairs or the staircase. 

In your property, choosing the lighter hue for the stairwell will appear even better. There is a sense of positivity in your home, thanks to the lighter shade on the staircase.

You can also choose a lighter hue for the next wall. You can go with a sky blue color for the stairwell and a whiter color for the wall. 

Number Of Stairs In The Staircase

As per the Vastu, we must focus on the number of stairs while constructing the staircase in the home. As per the Vastu, there must be an odd number of steps on the stairs. You can choose to make 11  or 21 steps in the staircase.  As per some Vastu experts, these numbers will be immensely beneficial for a home. Some of the Vastu experts have the perception that the number of stairs ending with 0 will not be suitable. So it will be better if we keep the odd numbers of the stairs in our staircase.

Decoration Of The StairCase

If we have a staircase in our home, we might think of decorating them beautifully with several things. As per the Vastu, we should decorate the wall with an adjoining staircase with beautiful scenery and paintings, you can also place some plants.

Final Words 

Staircases are an essential element of every home; they serve a vital purpose. Give them a Vastu touch, and you will enjoy the most beautiful ambiance with positivity. For that, you may use the Vastu staircase suggestions mentioned above to give your home the best Vastu treatment.

We put our best efforts into guiding you upon the best Vastu tips to construct a staircase in your home. We hope that you have liked our efforts and this blog has given you intense benefits. If you have enjoyed our article, kindly do a favor and share our blog with others.

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