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Plastic Paint: Price, Types, Colors, and Benefits

Plastic Paint: Price, Types, Colors, and Benefits

If you are planning to paint your house then, Plastic Paint is surely the best option for you. It is not because of popular opinion but because of the benefits plastic paint provides. Given below is the detail of why plastic paint is best for your dream home.

What is Plastic Paint?

A Plastic Paint is similar to any emulsion paint but with a higher proportion of plastic in it and therefore is known as plastic paint. The more amount of plastic in the plastic paint provides a more smooth and silky finish.

A wall painted with Plastic paint can be washed with a moist cotton cloth. Their smoothness and fresh look remain the same for years, and therefore, they are preferred over regular wall paints.

Why are Plastic Paints a great option?

Given below are the reasons why Plastic Paint is a great option for the walls.

  • Simple to clean and maintain 

Plastic Paint provides a smooth finish to the wall which looks very luxurious and attractive. It is easy to take care of the walls painted with plastic paint.

  • Readily available 

Brands like Asian Paints, Nerola, Berger, Dulux, and Shalimar provide readily available paint buckets.

  • Durable

Plastic Paints are made with acrylic latex and high opacity micro-pigments added for color. All this makes the plastic paint long-lasting and refreshing.

  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly

Plastic Paints do not contain any toxic material and therefore are 100% environment friendly. It is because plastic paints are water-based and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • Quick-drying

Plastic Paint dries very quickly. One can touch and feel the wall after 4 hours of applying the plastic paint.

  • Affordable

Although, plastic paints are a bit more expensive compared to regular paints. They are quite affordable when it comes to their durability. A good plastic paint wall lasts for 10 to 15 years.


Plastic Paint Types 

Given below are the categories Plastic Paint Comes in.

  • Economical Plastic Paints 

The economical category is for those who have a very strict budget. Although, the quality of plastic paint is still considerable. Two options are available in the economical category:

  1. Tractor Emulsion
  2. Interior Promise
  • Premium Plastic Paints

Premium plastic paints are a bit smoother than regular plastic paints and provide a more attractive look than regular walls. Two options are available in the premium category:

  1. Apcolite Premium Emulsion
  2. SuperCover
  • Luxury Plastic Paints

Luxury plastic paints are the amazing and best choice for those who have no bars on their expenditure. Like Economical and Premium plastic paints, Luxury Plastic paints also come in 2 variants: 

  1. Royal
  2. Velvet

Plastic Paint Color Price List 

Given below is the range in which plastic paint is available.

  • Plastic Paint Price (1 Liter)
  1. Asian Paints – Rs 70 per 1 liter to Rs 454 per 1 liter.
  2. Berger Paints – Rs 36 per 1 liter to Rs 454 per 1 liter.
  3. Nerolac Paints – Rs 192 per 1 liter to Rs 484 per 1 liter.


  • Plastic Paint Price (10 Liter)
  1. Asian Paints – Royale Matt Paint – Rs 4562 per 10 Liter.
  2. Dulux Paints – Velvet Touch Diamond Glo paint – Rs 4012 per 10 Liter.
  3. Nerolac Paints – Pearls Emulsion Paint – Rs 2723 per 10 Liter.


  • Plastic Paint Price (20 Liter)
  1. Asian Paints – Royale Matt Paint – Rs 8996 per 20 Liter.
  2. Dulux Paints – Velvet Touch Diamond Glo paint – Rs 7949 per 20 Liter.
  3. Nerolac Paints – Rs 997 per 20 Liter to 5507 per 20 Liter.


Top 5 Plastic Paint Brands

Given below are the top five brands of the plastic paint industry.

  • Asian Paints

Asian Paints is India's no.1 paint company and has ruled the industry for the last 25 years. 

  • Berger Paints

Berger Paints is the second-largest and fastest-growing paint company. 

  • Kansai Nerolac Paints

Kansai Nerolac Paints is one of the most trusted names in the paint industry and is the second-largest coating company in India.

  • Dulux

Dulux is AkzoNobel India Ltd. and is among the leading paints and coating brands of India. 

  • Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paints is the most iconic paint brand in India. The brand has left its mark on Rashtrapati Bawan, Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, and other important places.

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