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Bigha: All about land area measurement unit

Bigha: All about land area measurement unit

What Is Bigha?

Other than the generally-accepted area measurement units, there are many local measurements of the lands used in India. The most common and popular land measurement method is known as bigha. It is a measurement unit widely used across North India.

Bigha is a typical way of land measurement unit in India. This type of measurement is more common in northern parts of the country. The neighboring countries also use bigha as the measurement unit, such as in Nepal and Bangladesh. Numerous geographies use bigha for measuring the large tracts of the lands.

What Are The States That Use Bigha As The Land Measurement?

The use of bigha as the land or area measurement is prevalent in Assam, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Chattisgarh. However, there are differences in the land sizes even if the term bigha is used because there is no standard size that comes with this unit. For this reason, many people use bigha with regional variations. Different states have different land measurement numbers for the term bigha.

How Much Is Bigha?

As we know, the area covered in a bigha differs from one place to another. Because the square foot is the most commonly used land measurement unit in India, we have listed it below to get a clear idea about the extent of one bigha in different states of India.



14,400 sq ft


27,220 sq ft


17,427 sq ft


27,225 sq ft

Himachal Pradesh

8,712 sq ft


27,211 sq ft


9,070 sq ft


1 bigha pucca = 27,225 sq ft

1 bigha kaccha= 17,424 sq ft

Madhya Pradesh

12,000 sq ft


6,804 sq ft

Uttar Pradesh

27,000 sq ft

West Bengal

14348.29 sq ft

What Is Kuccha and Pucca Bigha?

In the above table, you will see that in Rajasthan, there is the use of the term pucca and kutcha bigha. These two units also come in handy in some parts of Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. The pucca or pakka bigha, which many states use more. The kulcha is the term usually used by landlords when they are doing a deal with tenants. Both measurements are known to be standardized by the early landlords and differ from one place to another.

Reasons Why Bigha Differs From States To States?

It was only after 1778 that the French came up with the standard land measurement unit. Before that, local land measurements were commonly used. The natives still go for the age-old and known concept of the bigha understanding.

East India

1 Bigha = 1,600 sq yd 

Bengal and Assam 

West India

1 Bigha = 1,936 sq yd

Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan

Central India 

1 Bigha = 1,333.33 sq yd 

Madhya Pradesh

North India

1 Bigha = 900 to 3,025 sq yd

Across north India



How To Measure Land Area?

The properties are divided into residential plots upon making appropriate schools, hospitals, roads, parks, and other amenities. The number of the field and size may be derived from the layout of the sketch. 

The area usually comes in SQ.FT form when it comes to the measurement of the residential house. However, the property area is listed in acres terms when speaking in terms of agricultural land. You will have to calculate the width and length of the accessible land to determine the land area. 

Suppose you want to learn how to convert bigha into other units without any hassle. In that case, the internet is here with various conversion tools that can help you do measurements without any hassle.

Bigha In South India

You may have noticed it by now. The term bigha has not been used in southern India. In these parts of India, Guntha, Cent, Ankanam, Ground, and Kuncham are the popular land measuring units used by the south Indians. 

Bigha In Bangladesh

Amongst the popular units used for land measurement in Bangladesh, it is used as Katha and bigha. From the metric system, acre use is popular. In Bangladesh, one-acre land is known as three bighas of the land. When looking at bigha as the land measurement, it is used in Fiji. In Fiji, one bigha is equal to one land acre.


Q. How Many Is Bigha In One Acre?

A. One acre is equal to 1.62 bigha

Q. How Many Bigha In One Hectare?

A. One hectare equals four bighas, 2 hectares is known to be eight bighas, and 5 hectares is 20 bighas. There are ways to convert bigha into hectares. However, the simple rule is just to multiply bigha with 4 and you'll get the answer in Hectare. 

Q. How Many Chatak In One Bigha?

A. One bigha is equal to 5.56 Chatak.

Q. How Many Cent In One Bigha?

A. One bigha is equal to 61.78 cents.

Q. How many Guntha in one bigha?

A. One bigha is 2.30 Guntha.

Q. How many Marla in one bigha?

A. In marla, one bigha is 0.46 marla.

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