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Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan: Online Land Map

Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan: Online Land Map

In Rajasthan, several online portals have been developed by the state government to facilitate the process of buying plots. One such portal is the Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan, which helps the citizens look for suitable houses in different areas of the state. The initiative has been heaped with praise by all and sundry. Also, the easy online accessibility of the portal helps people decide on things that interest them and suit their needs.

What is Bhu Naksha Rajasthan?

An accessible portal to view a property and lands

The Bhu Naksha Rajasthan portal is used to view any site, plot, or property on land on a map. The interface was designed by the National Informatics Centre for people to see the pictures of the site and the house they wish to buy.

It removes the hassle of visiting a place in person

Within the confines of their home, people can view any plot without actually visiting the place in person. Citizens do not have to roam around an area and can easily find digital online records that minimize the presence of corruption.

You can visit the website here: https://bhunaksha.raj.nic.in/

Is extremely reliable and informative

Through the portal, homeowners can cross their facts and check the details. They can examine the place and also suggest additions for making the houses easy on the eyes and livable. The online portal helps the people of Rajasthan to assess the area where they would like to construct their homes. It also provides them with details such as the quality of the soil, topography, nearby green cover, and the public amenities around the place.

Lists of districts on Bhu Naksha

There are several districts that feature on the map of Bhu Naksha. The residents of the following districts can get the digital land records if they wish to make plot purchases.

























Sawai Madhopur







Sri Ganganagar





Advantages of Bhu Naksha

Provides digital land records

It is a tech-enabled service by the Rajasthan government that provides digital land records to the people. Before buying a property in any area of the state, people can verify these records and assess the land or plot closely.

Defines the plot size

All the minute details of the plot are provided by Bhu Naksha. It lets the people know about the area of the plot and the boundaries of the land. The map also depicts the interiors of the plot and one can have a bird’s eye view of the property with the rooms and the architecture.

Helps the buyers know about the owners

It provides details about the ownership rights of the person who possesses the land. One can obtain all the information about the person and his/her identity can be verified through biometric impressions.

Saves time

As all the details are available online, people do not have to visit the area or place to see the plot. This saves time, energy, and resources.

Helps check the legal issues

The buyer can check the facts and know whether the property was given by the government for public welfare. He/she can verify the records and find out the legal issues about the plot and the owner.

How to check Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan in 5 steps?

One can follow these 5 steps to check the Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan: -

Step 1

Log on to the Bhu Naksha Rajasthan website to get the geo-map of the state.

Step 2

Fill in the details about the district, tehsil, and village.

Step 3

Click on the plot information and the number on the map to obtain further details.

Step 4

Now select the Nakal option at the bottom to get the report.

Step 5

You can get the Nakal reports by clicking on the ‘Show Report PDF’ option.

How to download the Bhu Naksha?

It is easy to download, access, and print the Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan.

Once the Nakal map appears on the screen, you can click on the download and print option on the right-hand side.

Moreover, one can download all the properties of a single owner on the Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan.

The bottom line

Summing it up, the Bhu Naksha for Rajasthan helps people view the plots and properties in different areas of the state. Citizens can obtain all the relevant information for purchasing the houses they want. One can get a glimpse of the rooms and the architectural features of the houses The state government came up with this initiative, and people have been supportive of it. With the help of land maps, they can easily view the plots without having to visit the area in person. The information provided by the maps is accurate and reliable.

The portal provides details about the plot, owners, and legal issues concerning the properties. One can easily view the maps by logging on to the website and filling in the details. People can also print the map using the options available on the interface. Using the portal is a worthwhile method to find suitable housing at competitive rates.


From the information provided in this blog, we hope you will learn about the complete details of the Bhu Naksha For Rajasthan. Propira is a knowledgeable real estate consultant who deals with flats in Alwar, Rajasthan.

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