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Ajmer Road, Jaipur- Navigating the Booming Real Estate Market

Ajmer Road, Jaipur- Navigating the Booming Real Estate Market


The vibe of Jaipur is not contained to the residential property in Jaipur city itself, the capital is growing with grandeur and people who have set their eyes on property investment in Jaipur have no further to look than Ajmer Road. The Special Economic Zone is getting ready, all around the highway one can see greenery with an equal mix of concrete top-of-the-line buildings brimming with life. A large section of society thinks living in the outskirts means living far away from everything, but that’s not entirely true.

Though living in the outskirts requires some extra commute time to the office or parties, the outskirts take one closer to nature, fresh air, and away from the noise of the city. The culture is soothing and one can be at the confluence of new development and old-age heritage at the same time.

One more reason for living in the outskirts is that the return on long-term property investment is considerably high whereas the property prices in Ajmer Road are very low.

Everybody is rooting for Ajmer Road property if they are looking for affordable real estate in Jaipur. All the big Jaipur real estate agents recommend buying an Ajmer Road residential property in Jaipur if the onlookers are considering Jaipur property investment.

A Historical Perspective

Infrastructure development while preserving the history is what makes Ajmer Road property all the more special. Historical landmarks are abundant all around Jaipur and Ajmer Road is no different, everyone loves the history being redefined here and the holistic development of all walks of life.

On one end of the road, there are buildings older than 100 years, and on the other side, you see fresh development with world-class amenities. Overall, residential property in Jaipur is the best investment one can make right now, whether they are looking for great returns later on or looking for a place to stay.

Growth of the real estate market on Ajmer Road, Jaipur

All the greatest real estate investment tips talk about noticing past trends to figure out the worth of a property in the future. Be it residential or commercial real estate in Jaipur, prestigious Jaipur real estate agents believe that within 5-7 years, the property prices in Ajmer Road can go beyond twice the present.

People who bought a property in Ajmer Road five years back are now making around 80% profits when they are selling it. Jaipur property investment is giving some of the best returns in the entire country and the best time to invest is not tomorrow or yesterday but today.

The Lifestyle Factor

Jaipur property investment is not only about flashy buildings or barren lands, it is about lifestyle. Jaipur provides liberalism infused with traditional values that no other place in the world can offer. People who have lived/live here, always find it difficult to live in any other part of the Earth. All festivals are celebrated with equal ambiance here, lovebirds find that haven in roaming around, clubs open till 6 AM for party animals, temples are in abundance, and the roads are magnificent, food is extraordinary - in a nutshell, Jaipur is a great place to live. 

The same lifestyle is offered at Ajmer Road property owners as well but at a more competitive pricing.

Real Estate Investment Tips

All the Jaipur real estate agents have one thing in common, they are as bullish about affordable real estate in Jaipur as they are about commercial real estate in Jaipur.

The growth of commercial real estate in Jaipur has outdone the expectations and the stigma around affordable real estate in Jaipur seems to fade also, as people are looking to buy more properties than ever.

The infrastructure development has reached a point where structural brilliance paired with human ingenuity is shifting the tides in Jaipur’s favor. The focus on infrastructure development became prominent in the 20th century and we have started to see the Jaipur skyline very clearly from flights nowadays. 

The best real estate investment tips cover research about property, negotiations, value propositions, upselling opportunities, build quality, etc. 

Parting thoughts

Buying a property in Jaipur is easier than ever and one shouldn’t take more time to make that purchase. Head over to Propira.com and take a look at top properties situated around Ajmer Road, Jaipur

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