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7 Easy Vastu Tips for Building a Healthy Kitchen

7 Easy Vastu Tips for Building a Healthy Kitchen

There’s no place like home. Home is surely the perfect recipe for a happy time. The kitchen must be the ingredient. The Kitchen is also the place for serving health to all the family members. Following this fact, Kitchen itself must be healthy in all ways.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is one of the most important places in a house and therefore, it is important to make it in the right place. Vastu could be really helpful in that. Using Vastu tips, you cannot only make a house amazingly attractive but also a very happy place according to the belief. As there is no scientific evidence that Vastu works.

Origin of Vastu

Earlier, cooking was done using firewood, and yet, cleanliness was never compromised. Vastu rules are based on the direction of the sun so that proper ventilation and light can be provided. Today we have modular kitchens and Vastu tips are still effective. 

These are the 7 Vastu tips that can help build a healthy kitchen

  1. Make sure not to have the kitchen in the south direction. North, East, or West direction will work fine.
  2. Never put the stove in front of the door of the kitchen.
  3. A window in the kitchen is a must. As per Vastu, a window should be in the East direction.
  4. Put yellow, orange, pink, or green color in the kitchen. Surprisingly, these colors are also good for the appetite. Beware of the black color.
  5. If you are planning to place the refrigerator in the kitchen, place it in the southwest direction.
  6. Water and fire are enemies not only in the real world but as per the Vastu as well. Make sure to keep a proper distance between sink and gas.
  7. The storage compartment can be placed in the south direction.

kitchen vastu tips

In the modern world, many things including Vastu, are considered to be myths. Although, Vastu is pseudoscientific and accurate as per the design of a house. These tips can make the kitchen a healthier place and also a place full of positive energy.

Dos and Don'ts in the Kitchen according to the Vastu

Following Vastu tips is good for the health of the kitchen. But there are also some points which need to be taken care of. Make sure to follow this list of dos and don'ts while planning your kitchen.

  1. The kitchen should not be above the toilet.
  2. Never keep medicines in the kitchen.
  3. Never keep broken cups in the kitchen.
  4. Never leave your kitchen with unwashed utensils.
  5. Keeping a tulsi plant beside the kitchen window can be helpful.
  6. Rice, Salt, and Turmeric should always be in the kitchen.
  7. Always keep salt in glass utensil
  8. Make sure the door of the kitchen is in a clockwise direction.
  9. Never keep shoe rack near the kitchen

The best part about Vastu tips is that they are very effective and easy to follow. One does not have to make any changes to make a house Vastu friendly.  Following these Vastu tips could be helpful for a comfortable living. According to the belief, these tips, when executed in the right manner will surely bring health, peace, and prosperity to the family.

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