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Renting Vs Buying Property in Alwar- Which one is better and Why?

Renting Vs Buying Property in Alwar- Which one is better and Why?

Alwar, the land of Sariska Tiger Reserve, this beautiful and exotic location is full of a rich history of its own. Many people do not know why this place is famous. Many people say that it is due to the Sariska national park, etc. Suppose you are in Alwar and are not sure whether you should purchase the house or rent it. To narrow down the options that will help you decide the better option, it is better that you know more about the location.

Alwar, The Place Surrounded By Nature

Alwar is situated 150km south of Delhi and 150km north of Jaipur. It is a city in Rajasthan and also comes in the area of Delhi NCR. The Aravali hills surround this place. Alwar is a beautiful city of rich heritage and culture. This place comes with the charm of history, which has retained its position. The majestic, attractive, and big-city palaces and the colorful market are the significant factors that make it amongst the most exciting cities in Rajasthan. 


How Much Does Flats Cost In Alwar?

Alwar is a place that includes a lot of amenities and facilities that you will get when opting for living in a promising locality. There are various apartments and houses which you can either rent out the price or purchase the place. It would help if you considered multiple factors when you are thinking of buying an apartment in Alwar.

You must know the flats and houses to rent depending on the place and locality. The lowest cost of the 2BHK apartment starts from 6,000INR, and for the 3BHK apartments, the price starts at 10,000 INR. There are various flats in Alwar with more than 5BHk apartments which the average cost is 20,000INR.

These are the average price of the apartments accessible in Alwar; the locality and community determine the cost of the rent of the apartments. If you want to purchase an apartment for living, the price ranges from location to location and society. For instance, a 2 BHK apartment in Chikani, Alwar, starts at 7.5 Lakh. 

Renting Vs. Buying In Alwar Which one is better?

It is amongst the most important choices to make whether you want to purchase the home or rent it. It is a type of decision that will affect the lifestyle along with the financial health. Real estate ownership is the type of investment most likely to build the equity and source for the tax deductions. It also comes with little to no responsibility and flexibility. However, many people think that purchasing a home instead of renting is more efficient financially, vice versa. You must know that both options come with their benefits and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons Of renting:

Various pros and cons come to renting a house in Alwar, such as:

Pros of renting a property

  • You will get more freedom and flexibility. Renting a house in Alwar will provide you with the chance to make a quick decision to move out. It is when you have a month-to-month lease.
  • You will not have to take the responsibility to maintain the rented area. You can inform your landlord, and they will be responsible for the repairs and maintenance. Although it is better that you know that it is only appropriate when you do not damage.
  • Renting is cheaper than buying a house. Since you will not have to pay for the bills, repairs, or maintenance, you will know how much you'll have to spend at the end of the month.
  • If you are amongst those who frequently have to work or travel due to work, it will be better for you to rent the place as you will be free from the responsibility of maintaining the property.

Cons of renting a property

  • Your landlord can increase the price of the rent at any time.
  • You will not be able to build equity when you are renting a house. Although it may be your house, it is not your asset.
  • There aren't any benefits of the tax when renting a property.
  • You will not have the authority to make any changes to the house or the apartment without the landlord's permission.

Pros and Cons Of Buying A House Or Property

Like the pros and cons of buying a house in Alwar, there are pros and cons to purchasing a home in Alwar.

Pros of buying a house or property

  • Owning a house will provide you with stability and settlement. You will also have a sense of pride in owning a home.
  • You will have the complete flexibility of redecorating and renovating the property. It is because you will be the owner of the house.
  • You will also be eligible for the tax benefits. You will be able to conduct the mortgage interest payment. Additionally, you will be able to build the equity while paying the loan off.
  • You will have the freedom to live however you want. Many apartments do not allow pets, but you can have whatever you want when owning a property.
  • You will get your privacy.

Cons of buying a house or property

  • Owning a house comes with responsibility. You will have to pay for maintenance and make time to take care of the household projects.
  • A home is not a liquid asset. In other words, whenever you plan to sell the property, the process will be lengthy.
  • Buying a home may be more costly than renting.
  • The monthly expenses depend on what you will need for the home. You may not be able to spend much in a month but may end up spending a significant amount on the house.


Many things are to consider when buying or renting a house, and money plays a high cost. There are various houses and apartments which you can either rent or purchase. There is a significant thing to consider when buying a home or renting one. 

When buying a house in a developed city like Delhi and Mumbai the prices of the homes are very high, and it is significantly less likely that the property value will increase faster as the prices are already skyrocketed. Whereas, when choosing a house in an underdeveloped city, you will also get the flats for rent at a low cost, and their value will increase faster.

When purchasing a house in a developing city, you will get the property at less price. Still, as time passes and you want to sell the property, you will get significant returns on your investment as the property's price increases as the city develops.

Quick Comparison Between Buying and Renting A House or Property in Alwar City



Buying A House

Renting A House

Paper Works

Complicated Paper works.

Easy paper works.


A lot of money is needed to buy a house.

You can rent the house at lower down payments.


Not worry about the rent.

Your rent can increase at any time.


Get returns upon selling the property.

Not get anything when moving out of the house.

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