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How to register property and land online in India?

How to register property and land online in India?

Online property and land registration in India: The Process and charges

To reduce the hassles that used to be an integral part of the property registration process in India, the state government in India has come up with new methods to register property. In other words, you are not supposed to wander here and there and go to the government offices and wait in long lines anymore to get the property registered. Now the task for the registration can be done with the help of online mediums, which can be an efficient way of fulfilling the home registry process, which can save a lot of time.

Property Registry

Registry of the property refers to the legal process. This is done to create or update the owner’s name entry in government records. The home registry process includes documents associated with the properties with the local authorities under Section 17 of Registration, in 1908.

Is The Registration Of The Property Mandatory?

Registering the brand new property under your name is not a choice. All buyers must register their property under the law of section 17 of the registration act. As the process progresses, home buyers and property owners are supposed to pay the same amount of the deal value as the stamp duty to their state government with 1% of the registration charge.

In most states, home buyers will have to go to the sub-registrar's office to register their property. Some states have developed various services for helping the landlords with the property registration process to provide time-efficient and quick registration services. Flats and plots owners can register online with the help of the internet.

The owners and buyers need to know that avoiding the registration to save money can cost them more money in the future, and it is a risky move. Without the registration under the owner's name in the government records, it may be impossible for the owner to prove that he/she owns the property in any future deposit.

Online Property Registration

If you are in a state with offline property registration services, several factors to keep in mind can help you complete the process.

  • It is better to know that only some part of the process can be done online.
  • You will be able to find the circle price in your locality for deciding the final property value.
  • You will get the ability to pay the stamp duty and registration charge with the help of a mobile device, and you will also get the receipt.
  • It can help you calculate the stamp's duty and learn about the registration amount.
  • You will have to get the appointment and go to the sub-registrar's office. You will have to visit the place at the appointed hour to complete the final procedure.

Your appointment will be booked only after paying the amount for the required stamp duty and registration charges online. You will have to make the payment using a debit card, net banking, or credit card. Keep in mind that most of the states prefer and choose online payment. Buyers may have the ability to pay with a cheque or cash in some part of the state.

If there is a scenario in which the deal's value is more than 50 lakhs rupees, the buyer is eligible and should pay 1% of the TDS, which is on the property value. They will have to pay the amount with the help of online payment and get the printout of their receipt. Ensure that you get the receipt as needed during the type of verification.

Process Of Online Property Registration

Several states come with their websites to register the property online. For example, in Bangalore, you can visit Kaveri online services. You will have to register as a user on these websites to follow up on the process. You will have to enter the following details:

  • Execution date
  • Sale deed
  • Party number
  • Document registration

You will also have to provide the following:

  • Proof details of the buyers and witnesses 
  • Property value
  • Property nature

You will have to furnish the following documents during the registration of the property:

  • Identity proof such as PAN, Adhaar
  • Two passport photographs of the parties involved
  • Authority power in case party represents someone else
  • Resolution copy, authority letter, if a company is a party
  • Property card
  • Payment acknowledgment of stamp duty
  • Registration fee

Steps For Online Property Registration

Here is a list of steps that you must follow for online property registration:

Step 1: Application

You will have to fill in the information according to the act on registration websites for creating a draft.

Step 2: Printing

Draft printing on the stamp paper and signs of the parties involved

Step 3: Approval

The online property registration websites will handle the queries raised by the office and the register with the concerned. Still, every party member should be present at the sub-registrar’s office during the property registration. You can visit https://legaldocs.co.in/property-registration and start the online property registration process.

Documents You Should Carry

You will have to purchase the e-stamp papers and pay online for the stamp duty and registration fees. You will have to show the documents in front of the office sub-registrar to verify.

Following are the information you will have to insert:

  • Property description such as Area, Pin Code, Number
  • Property type, such as whether it is agricultural, flat, plot.
  • Ownership modes such as gift, lease, or gift
  • Details of the owner like name, occupation, name of the parents, etc.
  • Property Proof such as attorney power, title deed.

It is essential information that you should keep in mind, and that is, you should try to complete the process under the guidance of the lawyer and with the broker of the property. It would be great if you never went to any third party when doing the process.

Many states have portals for facilitating the registration of the property. These offer information about the model deeds, rates for the stamp duty and allow parties to start the registration process. However, to complete the property registration process, an individual must go to the sub-registrar's office.

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