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Pandemic New-age Real Estate Buyer Requirements

Pandemic New-age Real Estate Buyer Requirements


The whole world has faced the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts. The pandemic has changed many things forever, along with the businesses. The real estate industry has faced immense changes before and after the COVID-19. Buyers' preferences for suitable housing have changed, and thus it has impacted the real industry in a major way.

The real estate industry of India has adopted many new things after the COVID-19 pandemic. After facing downfalls and immense losses, things started sorting out after the year 2020. The year 2021 was stable and a bit profitable for the builders and investors even after a bit of problematic chaos of the second wave. Builders in their new projects are trying to figure out and fulfill the new demands of buyers after the pandemic.

New-age buyers want to invest their money in affordable property along with the facility of shifting within a year or two. After the COVID-19 pandemic, WFH (Work from Home) has become the new normal, and therefore many new-age buyers are more willing to invest their money for housing in their own hometowns. It has been noted that many new-age buyers are now looking for permanent housing facilities, which was not a case before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many new trends, and these trends are really very effective for a comfortable living. They are a requirement now for homebuyers and a key improvement area for a real estate company in Alwar. Given below are some of the emerging trends that can be considered in the matter of new buyers' requirements: 

  • New-age buyers are more willing to invest their money in residences near their workplaces. They want to avoid long traffic hours. Considering this, many new projects have been started near the locality of IT hubs. Some are also covering the areas of the outskirts where major manufacturing units are established.
  • New-age buyers are looking for more spacious homes/ apartments, after the COVID-19 pandemic. They want greenery and all facilities near their home. Homes with solar panels and better health care facilities are the main attraction among new-age buyers. 
  • New-age buyers want houses near highways, general stores, medicals, schools, hospitals, parks, malls, airports, and railway stations.
  • New-age buyers are also looking for privacy. It is usually the case with NRIs.
  • Some new-age buyers are more than interested in investing their money in the apartment of major cities.
  • New-age buyers are giving more priority to ready-to-move apartments than under-construction projects. Healthcare is their major priority. They don't want to waste their time waiting for new offers. All they want is quick and effective deals.
  • New-age buyers are looking for a more comfortable lifestyle along with a healthy lifestyle. They want an environment where they can think and grow simultaneously. New townships are being built with integrated gardens, stores, schools, and healthcare.
  • Developers are putting more emphasis on sports and healthcare facilities while developing their projects so that they can attract new-age buyers. 
  • Developers are now consulting modern architects for making the best use of the space so that they can provide a place of harmony and comfort to their buyers.
  • Another notable demand of new-age buyers is a place of proper ventilation and automation technologies.
  • New-age buyers are more interested in purchasing a property where they can get multiple benefits and not just a place for living.
  • After COVID-19pandemic, new-age buyers want locations where they can feel more energetic. In short, they are looking for a place with good sunlight and oxygen.
  • If developers are capable enough to provide better amenities to their buyers, then buyers are also ready to exceed their budget.
  • New-age buyers are willing to live in independent homes as well as in independent villas. They are more than ready to shift in plotted development sites.
  • More than 50% of new-age buyers are using online mediums for the purchase of real estate properties. Propira helped many to buy property in Alwar.
  • Proper ventilation along with sunlight is a demand of new-age buyers. What else they want is air and water purification amenities

These are some of the trends which are being followed by giant developers to attract new-age buyers. Flexible payment options along with attractive discount offers are bait developers are providing for new-age buyers. Real estate property buyers are also getting home loans at the lowest interest rate possible.

The blog is for both, property buyers and developers and can help them in taking the right decisions.

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