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How to Design Your Own Home

How to Design Your Own Home

You’ve saved your earnings, you’ve researched the house as per your needs and after dealing with all the paperwork the house is finally your house. Your dream house which is yours and yours alone. Well if you haven’t bought a house which comes fully furnished or already made or if the house is made but not as per your needs well then you have to begin from scratch. The idea of a professional like an interior designer sounds very exciting but is a heavy hole in your wallet.

Some also do not want their house to be as per someone else’s imagination. Indian’s in the past had a very restrictive attitude towards building or designing their own homes that’s because the culture and tradition demanded many designs to be inbuilt such as a bathroom must be outside the home and the home must have a quadrangle in between. The kitchen must be made with open ventilation. But as real estate scenarios changed people began modernizing and compact conceptualizing their homes. With the prices of property skyrocketing people started making do with what they have.

But on the other side, there are plenty who have big homes and wish to design their home in their way.

10 Tips to Design your Home

So here are a few tips for those who wish to design their own homes -:

  1. Imagine – yes, imagination is key to designing your own home. Without any imagination or conceptualization of your own home, you will never know what you want out of the designing process.
  2. List down your way – Pick up a pen and paper and start writing everything you believe your house should have and the way it should be. Once you have a list of things to want in front of you, you’ll know how to proceed.
  3. List down the needs – an imperative part of the process towards designing your own home is being aware of things that are absolutely necessary and needed. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything in the process because needs are elements you would not be able to do without.
  4. Begin researching – looking out for ideas and seeing up people’s houses and the way they have designed their house is a great way to move towards.
  5. Magazines and the world of the web – these two factors are a blessing in disguise. There are millions of ideas and inspirations available online and in architectural magazines which serve as a great booster in working towards your design.
  6. Talk to people – It is important to discuss what your thoughts and ideas are about designing your house with your friends and family. They may provide you with a better and realistic insight.
  7. Vastu – if you are a superstitious person and believe in the art of Vastu, it is essential that before you think of designing you check the Vastu of the house. There are certain norms of Vastu that restrict many designing ways and change many aspects of designing your own home. For example, a master bedroom must be in the north direction and not otherwise. Vastu has fixed directions and norms in which the kitchen, entrance, rooms, bathroom, balcony, etc must be situated.
  8. Colour palette – choosing the right colour patterns is essential to make your house look as per your needs. Experts believe that choosing a three-colour palette is a better way of designing.
  9. Flooring – floor plans have to be studied well. On the basis of these floor plans, you can proceed on whether the flooring should be marble or of some other material.
  10. Furniture – investing in furniture is expensive and therefore you must be cautious before you by bulky furniture that turns out to be expensive and not suit your home.

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