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Complete Details About EWS Housing Scheme | Propira

Complete Details About EWS Housing Scheme | Propira

A self-owned house is the dream of every household in India. But today it is just a dream for a lot of people because they can’t afford to get one. The graph of prices of houses specially in urban cities is going up day by day. While on the other hand the annual average income of people is decreasing rapidly.  But it is the right for everyone and also for economically weaker sections to have a roof above their heads so that their standard of living improves. This is the reason that Economically Weaker Section Housing Scheme came into play. This scheme has flexible laws and aims to provide shelter to every section of our society. According to this scheme, the government has to provide affordable and well-planned houses for all the lower-income groups. You can learn about everything from importance, eligibility, documentation, benefits and the process of application of the Economically Weaker Section Housing Scheme.


What is the EWS Housing Scheme?

EWS Housing Scheme is the scheme which is lunched by the government to provide housing to the economically weaker section of our society. The households in which has earnings below Rs 3 lakh per year come under the economically weaker sections of the society. As per the EWS housing scheme, the government has to construct houses for poor people to live in. In India, different states have their laws under the EWS housing scheme. In Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has to construct residential buildings for the downtrodden. States such as Andhra Pradesh provide loans from various financial institutions to implement housing schemes. 

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is planning to make houses for rural people with a low income. It aims to uplift the lives of all the poor people and shelter them by 2023. Numerous political leaders have supported the initiative and have helped the government in fulfilling its endeavor. 


Get the Complete Details About Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.


Key Highlights of the Scheme 


Aims to Provide Shelter to all Poor People

The EWS housing has been made possible because of the numerous government schemes that talk about providing sanitized living conditions for all the underprivileged classes of society. 


Makes Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

Under this scheme, the architects and engineers construct the houses using eco-friendly products made with cutting-edge technology. All the resources that are used are sustainable. 

Lower Interest Rates

The lower-income group people can take a loan for up to 20 years at an interest rate of 6.5% per annum.

Strictly Adhere to the Guidelines

The construction of the houses adheres to the guidelines issued by the National Building Codes and the BIS Codes. The houses on the ground floor will be allotted to the senior and differently-abled citizens. Also, the building design has to be approved by the authorities. 


Benefits of the Scheme 


Helps Eradicate the Slums

With new concrete houses to live in, the people will no longer reside in the slums. The land that has the slums can be reused for making residential buildings for the people. 

Eliminates Poverty

When all the poor people will have good houses to live in, this might elevate the quality of their living which could in turn eliminate poverty in India. 

Helps Purchase the Houses at Low-Interest Rates

The institutional credit inflows can be increased using this scheme. This will allow the economically weaker sections to buy the houses at low-interest rates. 

Assists Women 

According to the EWS scheme, women are chosen as loan applicants. They can apply for the EWS housing that provides them with financial security and makes them empowered. 

Easily Affordable

People from all walks of society can purchase these houses. The scheduled tribes, workers, and scheduled classes can afford these homes.


Eligibility Criteria of the Scheme 

The Indian government has made some guidelines that have to be followed by the people while applying for the EWS housing scheme. 

Should have a Limited Income

The annual income of the people in your house must not be more than 3 lakhs. People above the range might not be considered for availing of the benefits of the scheme. 

Must not Possess a House 

There must be no member of the family who owns a concrete or pukka house in any part of the country. 

Should not have Sought any Government Scheme

The people should not have availed of any government housing scheme from the central or the state government before. 


Cannot Ask for a Subsidy

The people must not ask for any PMAY-CLSS subsidy from Private lending institutions. PMAY stands for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. 


Will be Allotted a Single House

If a person applies for the EWS housing scheme with his/her better half and gets selected, the person will be provided with one house to live in. People can also apply for joint ownership. 


Must be an Indian Citizen

The person applying for a house must be an Indian citizen and should be 18 years and above. 


How to Apply for the Scheme? 

One can apply for the EWS scheme from both online and offline methods. The steps are quite easy and the process is usually completed in a hassle-free manner. A person has to remain proactive and keep abreast of the latest information about the scheme. 


Step 1.) Go on to the website of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Step 2.) Select the citizen assessment option on the main navigation menu on the home page. 

Step3.) Click on the Apply online option from the drop-down list. 

Step4.) Choose the option under the PMAY. 

Step5.) A new page will open where you have to enter your name and your Aadhaar Card information. 

Step6.) Select the box that says you agree to share your Aadhaar card details. 

Step7.) Click on "Check". 


To apply offline, the person might visit the Common Service Centre  and fill out the form. The cost of the form is Rs 25 along with the GST. In addition to this, the person can fill out the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana form by visiting the office and completing the formalities. 


Documents Required for the Scheme? 

To apply for the EWS scheme, one must possess the following documents:

  • A proof of your age such as the Birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Insurance policy
  • Driving license
  • An affidavit or declaration to prove that the person’s family members do not own a pukka house anywhere in the country.
  • Identity proof such as the Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of the address proof
  • Property registration documents
  • Voter ID
  • Property tax receipt
  • Income proof documents
  • No-objection certificate from the housing society
  • Processing fee check to be issued from the salary accounts of the employed applicants and the business accounts of the self-employed ones
  • Letter of allotment to the property
  • Agreement to sale



Summing it up, the EWS housing scheme encapsulates extensive information about its features and the process of applying for it. People who have a lower income have to be provided with shelter and decent living so that poverty can be eliminated from the country. This is a very important step and Propira  is a part of the initiative, we provide property in Alwar at a very affordable price. We are working with the aim of contributing for the growth of our country and becoming a part of the revolution of improving the living standards of the people of India.

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