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Rent Agreement Registration Process in India - Propira.com

Rent Agreement Registration Process in India - Propira.com

A complete guide to the rent agreement registration process in India



Several people come across renters when they have to stay at a particular place for long. Let’s find out about the rent agreement registration process in India with the guidelines.

When people or tenants wish to stay in someone’s house or property, they sign a contract with the property owner. This document is called a rental agreement. It is a mandatory process as it prevents disputes and things from going haywire.

Interestingly, a rent agreement can be set for whatever time the parties agree to. It can be renewed according to the wishes of the owners and the tenants.

One must read the contents carefully before signing it. The contract includes all the minute details about the landlord and the tenants. They must abide by it and develop cordial relations between them to avoid things going astray.  

Types of rent agreements in India

  • Lease agreement

The lease agreement is required for a longer period. Also, it is a contract between the owner and the tenant that allows him/her to use the property for a period of twelve months.

Besides, a lease might interest anyone on the transferable property and could create inherited rights.

The agreement indicates that the tenant cannot leave the property until the time specified in it. Legal action can be taken against him/her if one is unable to adhere to the rules and regulations.

According to this law, the person who receives the rent is the owner or the landlord. In the event of a dispute, the person has the right to take the necessary actions.

  • Leave and license agreement

This agreement allows the license holder to use the licensor’s property. The property is given under this law and the right to the property will be invalid without it.

How can I create a rent agreement in India?

It is quite easy to register for a rent agreement in India. It encapsulates the following steps:

  • Pay a visit to the sub-registrar

One can visit the Sub-registrar’s office for the registration process.

  • Remember the time of the deed 

A person must remember the time when the deed was created and the contract was signed between the two parties.

It is mandatory to register before four months of the expiration date of the deed. To carry on the registration process, the owner and the tenant must be present, along with two witnesses.

  • Sign the Power of attorney

If this is not possible, then one of them could sign the power of attorney. It grants the attorney the rights of the agreement closure.

The documents required for rent agreement registration

One must have these documents during the registration process:-

  •  The original proof of ownership or title of the property.
  • Property documents such as tax receipts for the leased property
  • Two photographs of the owner, tenants and the witnesses
  • Copy of the address proof of both the parties
  •  Passport
  •  Aadhaar card
  • Ration card
  •  Passbook of the bank
  • Driving license
  •  Map of the property

The Rent agreement format in English

The rent agreement encompasses some details about the landlord and the tenant.

Some of them are the payment of rent, the times of payment made every month or year, the payment of the electricity or the utility bills in the office and the instructions to not carry out any unethical business on the premises. 

None is allowed to break the promises they made to each other. The tenant must replace the broken fixtures and fittings over the lease period and provide a notice period to vacate the premises after the stay. 

Apart from this, the agreement includes the name of the successors, the rooms that have been given to the tenants to stay in, the law that he/she will not hand over the house to anyone else to stay in, the lease is granted for a period of eleven months, and the tenant will pay the bills during his/her stay in the house.

There are some pointers while making the rental agreement, such as that the people will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations.

Rent ASgreement in English-1


Rent Agreement in English-2


Rent Agreement in english-3


The rent agreement format in Hindi

The rent agreement also takes into account the same things listed under the above topic. The only change is the medium of instruction, which is Hindi.

Also, the rules, regulations, laws, and statements are stated in Hindi. The owner and the tenants are addressed by their names in Hindi along with the undertaking.

To sum it up, the process of rent agreement registration has become quite easy. One can also log onto the websites and fill out the online forms. The documents can be attached as per requirements.
The process allows the tenants and the owners to maintain cordial relations and stay with each other in peace. They need to abide by the laws and not do anything that becomes a bone of contention between them.







A rent agreement is a legal document that binds the landlord and tenant and serves as evidence in the case of any dispute. As per section 49 of the registration act, if you want to rent out your property over a period of 11 months, then it is mandatory to register a rent agreement.

We hope you will learn about rent agreement registration from the information provided in this blog. Propira is a knowledgeable real estate consultant who deals with flats in Alwar, Rajasthan.

 If you want to learn more about investing in real estate, then you can get in touch with us by requesting a call back from our team.

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