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5 Things to Look for Before Buying a Property

5 Things to Look for Before Buying a Property

Most buyers look for a home within the budget range along with some features that can make the living experience more comfortable. But it is also important to look for safety-related financial and legal issues. This blog is a guide to all the aspects related to the matter.

Important Documents to Check before Buying a Property

Given below are some of the documents that a buyer should ask from the sellers before buying a property. These documents will assure that the property is safe to purchase and will not cause any trouble in the future:

  • Sanctioned Plan
  • Completion Certificate
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Possession Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Previous Registered Agreements
  • No Due Certificate
  • No Objection Certificate

Features While Buying a Home

Given below are some of the important features while buying a home or a property; that one should look out for. These features make living much more comfortable:

  • Location of the Property
  • Size of the Property
  • Rooms in the Property
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Age of the Property 

Other important things to look for are as follows:

  1. Verify Sellers' Identity

What is someone who is selling you a property is not its actual owner? Similarly, there can be numerous cases where the involvement of the seller is necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the identity of the seller.

Given below are some of the things one should consider while verifying sellers' identities:

  • Check the nationality of the seller and also make sure whether he/she is living in India or is an NRI.
  • Make sure the one who is selling you the property has all right to sell it. Sometimes a property has more than 2 owners, and in that case, consent of both parties is required.
  • Check whether the property you are purchasing belongs to individual owners, trusts, companies, or a society. Someone can try to sell you an independent villa as an individual house.
  • Make sure the person you are purchasing a property from has a court order and necessary document to sell it if the property has a minor nominee.

The benefit of using the best real estate property portal in Alwar is that you need not look for every small detail while buying a property. We make sure you get the best.

  1. Approval of Constructions

If you are buying a house or apartment in a building already well-constructed, make sure its plan was authorized by the municipal corporation or other responsible bodies. This will make sure that the property has approval for sewer, electricity, water, and other basic necessary facilities.

If possible, also ask for the NOCs (No-Objection Certificate) from different departments. NOCs from different departments will assure that the building or property is safe for living.

  1. Tax Status of the Property

Make sure that the property you are buying has not any due tax on it. What is the seller is trying to hide the payment status of the property? What if there's any due tax on the property?

All this can cause great financial and legal problems in the future.

Ask for the details of monthly bills like electricity, water, and other facilities. Once you are the owner of the property, you are solely liable to pay all the taxes and bills of that property. 

  1. Take a Physical Survey of the Property

What if the actual measurement of the property is not as promised or shown by the seller? It will cause you great harm in terms of space and area. Therefore, it is a good practice to know and feel the actual measurement of the property by visiting it once.

  1. Due Loans on the Property

If the property you are buying has any kind of loan due on it then it can cause you a big trouble in the future. Not just financial loss, it can lead you to serious legal issues along with waiting for untimely solutions. Better check if the seller has any kind of loan due on the property.

If there's any kind of load due on the property, you can take any of the actions:

  1. Ask the seller to clear the loan
  2. Register the property in your and pay the loan by yourself.

If there's any confusion, ask the seller to get a no dues certificate from the loan before buying the property.

These points can help you to find the best properties in Alwar and also save one from many inevitable problems. 

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